Science, Forensic Science (Couldn't leave the folder so bare) (originally posted by Kasper, 12/09/2007)

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Science, Forensic Science (Couldn't leave the folder so bare) (originally posted by Kasper, 12/09/2007)

Post by space on Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:55 am

Okay so who likes science? I love science and for a good portion of my childhood I wanted to do forensic science, not anthropology per se, but like analysis of elements and stuff. Actually I wanted to be a graphologistfor some time.

But now I am in college for a chemistry major which still leaves my options open for forensic science, which is really broad.

Anyone else? Science? Forensics? Bananas?

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Various replies

Post by space on Sun Jun 01, 2008 5:30 am

suzyquzy, Posted 12/09/2007 10:18:46
Glad science is one of your hot buttons. It is the future
Based on posts I've seen elsewhere Kathy Reichs has
impressed many young people and inspired young girls and
young women give it more consideration.

Hope you get a lot of posts here.

CheeseBK, Posted 12/09/2007 21:24:54
I'll tke the bananas please...

I never had a clue at school when it came to science things.....

eggfish!!, Posted 13/09/2007 01:08:09
mmmmmmmmmmm i like bananas too. but they're still a bit expensive here in Aus after the cyclone that attacked the plantations

HarHar21, Posted 13/09/2007 05:52:18
kasper, in my case, i liked anthropology more. i got into forensic anthropology mania while reading dr. maples. then kathy reichs was a breath of fresh air because she wrote fiction...and of course, bones! i just liked the science that goes with it...forensics in csi, was good too but i adore how writers in bones put it in a more interesting spin

ashangel45-boothsbaby07, Posted 14/09/2007 11:10:56
ooo! I just now found this thread.

Im a sophomore right now. and my major is Biology. Its hard but I love it. Forensics applies alot to Biology in the beginning, so its sort of the same....but I want to take my degree and get a masters in bio, then go to med school, then go to residency for anesthesiologists!! wow. gonna take a while. but it'll be sooo worth it in the end.

bananas?? lol...well, hmm..might be easier than all the chem classes I have to take.

Kasper, Posted 14/09/2007 13:52:48
Oh chemistry, chemistry is my nonhuman love... it's going to be my major. And for some reaason I am in the pre-med program here... must have signed up for it somewhere. I don't know if I want to be a doctor. I kinda want to teah chemistry, eh who knows. Biology is great too, gotta love taxonomy!

Oh anesthesiologists make a whole lot of money. That's a good profession to have. If I do end up going into the medical field I want to be an ER doctor and maybe something with infectious diseases because that's what got me started way back when.

willgirl, Posted 15/09/2007 05:30:42
I was actually never into science or math, I'm strictly a drama/english girl myself. I still shudder when it comes to math.

However... because of Bones I have found myself interested in forensics. I'm writing a new fanfic (once I finish my others) that is really case specific so I've found myself brushing up on forensics and now I'm totally hooked.
I find it totally fascinating! (Although I couldn't do it in a million years!)

Kasper, Posted 15/09/2007 05:35:31
YAY A NEW FIC!!!!!! Forensics is interesting for sure.

HarHar21, Posted 25/09/2007 20:03:00
I realized that if I'm gonna take up Anthropology as postGraduate course (which I will, tee hee) I have to brush up on my math and science skills...Science, I'll Bio...but math?? (gulp!)

polygirl, Posted 09/10/2007 01:48:51
hey har you don't have to have math and science if you take a sociocultural anthro course those ones are mostly reading and analyzeing, therotical, knowing how to think like an anthropologist type courses so they don't really require any math and science

Niah, Posted 22/10/2007 05:46:26
Math and chemistry and well, the whole scientific shebang have never been my cup of tea. Foreign languages and creative writing assignments were what I liked most in highschool. Hence why I write English fanfiction. I have to admit that science has become a bit more attractive thanks to Bones, but what really attracts me to the show is the mystery there is to solve in every episode. Half the time I don't understand the squint speak, but I find myself learning tidbits here and there nonetheless. But, like I said, I like most how they piece all the clues together. I am a sucker for mystery stuff. So um...that's my two cents. lol

magicstar, Posted 23/10/2007 11:27:49
i loved science too and at school was divided between lawyer and forensic scientist. I think its why im drawn to shows like this. I find the human body fascination. Because of my interest my teacher arranged for me to be escorted for the day by a copper to chorley forensic labs, it was amazing. I got to look at semen under a microscope which was a current rape case, but you know things change and now i work with kids with special needs x x

space, Posted 11/12/2007 04:19:21
I always liked science and basic math (not calculus... *shudder*) and majored in Biology in college... originally pre-med Pediatrics, but couldn't handle the thought of having another person's life in my hands, so that dream lapsed... finished the degree though and worked in a lab for a while. Now the only good my degree does is that i understand most of what my kid's pediatrician says!!
Chemistry was just horrific to me though... especially organic... you go Kas!!

riviera41797, Posted 26/12/2007 03:37:21
I did like science, even if I wasn't very good at it - Math though (shudders) no. I am beyond lousy at math...

mrsdavidboreanaz, Posted 26/12/2007 18:36:24
yeah ive always been interested in science n stuff from a young age, not really the forensic side but ever since i started watching shows like bones n csi i realised how interesting it is n stuff

bertie456, Posted 29/12/2007 11:41:54
I have such respect for people who can actually understand Science type stuff, especially the Biology aspect. I can do Math(s), and actually quite liked Calculus, but the whole biology/biochemistry thing is way beyond me. Algebra? Yep. Molecules, bonding and chemical reactions? Um, no...

Still find the sciencey bits of Bones interesting though, if only from an increasing-my-general-knowledge standpoint.

As for becoming a doctor/anthropologist, the only subjects I was actually good at in school were Latin and Greek. Helpful with the long names, not so helpful with the curing of diseases.

willgirl, Posted 30/12/2007 07:32:54
I am so getting into the science stuff now that I'm knee-deep in my fic.

I really like the Hodgins stuff. I find that fascinating.

Susan1234, Posted 31/12/2007 06:25:20
Hmm . . . I've never visited this folder before, and was tickled pink to discover this thread!

I'm still in high school, and science is by far my favorite subject. (Math is a close second.) Of course, my current science teacher is dumber than a box of rocks (and I'm really not exaggerating--it's a wonder the woman went to college), so unfortunately, science class this year leaves lots to be desired. Regardless of her stupidity, I do have aspirations of pursuing a career in the field of science, namely anthropology. I knew that's what I wanted to do before Bones. Someone even suggested my beloved show because of the portions involving anthropology. I've never considered forensics . . . I mean, it's something to keep in mind, but I doubt I'll ever tackle it.

So yeah. I'm sure you all didn't want to know that. Oh well. Thanks for wasting thirty seconds of your life on my behalf!

HarHar21, Posted 03/01/2008 21:16:56
Poly, I'm finally reading some of the books you suggested. I'm having a blast!

mrsdavidboreanaz, Posted 21/05/2008 22:00:22
I've always been into forensics since I was about 7.. (4 years isn't long I know) Chemistry is alright too, I quite enjoy it.. but we do that much stuff on balancing chemical equations that it's driving me crazy!!

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