Ausiello Scoop 9/29/2010

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Ausiello Scoop 9/29/2010

Post by bugaboo628 on Thu Sep 30, 2010 12:29 pm

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Question: Since itís my BíDay today, I was hoping that you can give me some Bones scoop. óIna B
Ausiello: An upcoming episode will be told entirely from Brennanís point of view. ďItís a very stylized episode where Brennan is investigating a murder of someone who appears to be her,Ē explains exec producer Stephen Nathan. ďItís sort of Brennan examining her own life while examining the victim. Weíve never done anything this internal. Itís probably the most psychologically oriented episode weíve ever done.Ē

Question: Which episode of Bones is Emily Deschanel directing this season? óFrankie
Ausiello: Episode No. 14. And so far, thatís all I know.
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