The "Brain" in the Episodes / Theories on E8 re Sides

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The "Brain" in the Episodes / Theories on E8 re Sides

Post by virtualhorizon on Mon Oct 04, 2010 5:25 am

Just two crazy ideas concerning episode 8. And I know they're crazy ideas, because no one ever comes up with the "real" thing by looking at the sides! I think this episode could go in either of two directions:

Possibility 1) This is an actual case that Bones and Booth are working on, and through it Brennan has her epiphany concerning her love for Booth, etc. Notice at one point in the sides ... [b]IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THEM AND DON'T WANT TO KNOW, DON'T CONTINUE !![/b] ... the security guard (real or unreal character?) tells Brennan that for once maybe she needs to try to solve a case without being objective. It seems she does this, because she's being entirely subjective through the case, seeing it through the dead woman's eyes. She see's her own life and her relationship with Booth through the eyes of another person.

Possibility 2) Something has physically happened to Brennan. Perhaps its so severe that she's on the operating table. Her subconscious is using this story, seeing a case with Booth, which, again, causes her to realize things about her real life and her relationship with him. Have you noticed the use of "brain" in the first episode and in the sides for E8? In the premier, when looking at an x-ray, Brennan says, in effect "I can see it with my eyes, but not with my brain". In the sides for E8, at one point she tells the security guard, "Yes, the brain adapts". Later, in what looks to be some of the final pages of the script, Brennan is digging through files and ends up listening to a CD from the dead woman, describing a case she worked on. In that description the dead woman says "...the patient is brain dead". These phrases must mean something in the grand scheme of things.

Then again, the use of "brain" could go back to Booth and his tumor. Maybe he's the one that's brain dead . . .


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